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About Stewardship Community website

The objective of this Stewardship Community Website is to promote proper and effective use of agricultural inputs through creating dialogue among industry players - individuals, farmers, growers, government and non governmental organizations, media and professionals - on product stewardship issues. We welcome inputs from and dialogue with all those involved in ensuring that Crop protection measures are safe, effective and sustainable. For a fuller explaination please see our paper.

Get Involved

What could you share? How would you like to help? What do you need to know? Email us your:

  • ideas
  • case studies,
  • stories,
  • links,
  • resources etc.

so that we can develop this web site into a useful resource. Ask questions in forum, answer them if you are able.  Check out the Stewards' Blog for an example of how one man works to promote the safe and effective use of crop protection products through the site. Together we can make something useful!

The Inter Region Economic Network (IREN)

IREN in partnership with Syngenta is honoured to facilitate global dialogue on judicious use of agricultural technology for the purpose of promoting agricultural output while securing the future for our children. Agricultural Stewardship ensures that agri-inputs (seeds, machinery, agrochemicals; pesticides, and fertilizers) are processed, manufactured, handled, stored, distributed and used in a safe way with regard to health, occupational and public safety, environment and security.