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About James Shikwati

View below, James Shikwati talking on NTV Kenya in the clip 'Feeding in the Nation' (3:42)

I was born in a banana farm in rural Western Kenya in 1970. I grew up, and lived in a typical small holder farm setting where I spent part of my time using the hand – held hoe to weed beans, maize and sugar cane. I also enjoyed waking up early at 4.00am to accompany my elder brother to cut grass to thatch our roof which used to leak every rainy season. I know what peasant life means…

What drives me? The conviction that knowledge put to use is power and that an open mind is like a parachute… it works well when it’s open! As the founder president of the Inter Region Economic Network, I was recognized as a 2008 Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. I evaluate Global issues; work with farmers on reviewing productivity strategies, study business models that grow markets and encourage people to generate wealth. With the World having shrunk to one global village, we need not re-invent the wheel when sharing information can help us creatively face our daily challenges.

I welcome you to my blog so that we can learn from each other. Issues of product stewardship touch every facet of our lives and we cannot afford to make mistakes that can ruin our stay here on earth. We have to feed ourselves and feed the World, but unless we put safety first our quest will be of no value to humanity. All of us should seek to put knowledge to use and benefit from the judicious use of technology that is not only efficient, but saves time!