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Pesticides Application Technology in China

Professor Xiong-Kui HE of the Centre for Chemicals Application Technology (CCAT), College  of  Science,  China Agricultural University, describes with an engaging honesty the problems that China has recognised in respect of the application of pesticides in China - and explains the co-ordinated and ongoing efforts to overcome the challenges.

Prices and the Global Economy

All of us are affected by changes in the price of food and other agricultural products. Farmers are affected not only by changes in the price of their products, but also by changes in the price of their inputs – seed, fertiliser, pesticide and so on – which affect their profits. The reasons for these changes are not always obvious, so we asked economist, Julian Morris, to explain

why prices of inputs and outputs change and how these changes impact on farmers and consumers?

Julian is a Visiting Professor at the University of Buckingham, Executive Director of International Policy Network  and co-editor of the Electronic Journal of Sustainable Development

The Great IPARC Easy Calibrator Challenge

The International Pesticide Application Research Consortium (IPARC) has shared with us their Do-it-yourself easy-calibrator method and challenge us to improve on it:

Can we calibrate easier and quicker using commonly available, inexpensive ‘bits and pieces’ that all operators can put together into a safe and effective DIY kit?

Innovative approaches to facilitating product stewardship in practice

Our current thinking about the site is explained in the paper presented at Aspects of Applied Biology January, 2010; International Advances in Pesticide Application

Stewards' Blog

Check out the Stewards' Blog which is open to all members of the community and is for informal case studies and opinion pieces. If you would like to post in the Stewards' Blog, please email your contributions to the editor. If you prefer that your name be witheld - that can be done.

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Best Knapsack Sprayer Practices

The world’s leading knapsack sprayer manufacturers and other experts have collaborated to define the industries best practices for using knapsack sprayers. View the best practices online or download a .pdf file.  PowerPoint presentations are available which can be adapted for local use.

Global Food and Environmental Security: by Corrado Pirzio-Biroli

Corrado Pirzio-Biroli Chief Executive of RISE Foundation and Chief of Staff to former EU Agriculture Commissioner, Franz Fischler, writes about the current crisis in world food supply and the necessary response.