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You will find materials to guide the knapsack sprayer user through the process of using pesticides from the point of purchase to cleaning up and recording your work.


If you would like us to send you a CD of any of the resources listed below, please use the form to let us know which downloads you would like together with your full postal address. N.B. These materials are only availabl in English.

Training modules

The five golden rules for safe use

Purchase, transport and storage of CPPs

Download zip file (946 Kb)

View first half of presentation as html (purchase and transport of pesticides)   

View second half of presentation as html (safe storage of pesticides) or  

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Mixing and preparing CPPs for use

Disposal of empty containers

Nozzle selection and their optimised use

Portable Spraying equipment

Calibration of hand held sprayer equipment

Efficient knapsack use

Good spraying practice

Record keeping