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Challenges to Modern Agriculture

The Fieldprint Calculator (only available to farmers in USA so far) is an educational tool designed to help you assess how some of your operational decisions affect overall sustainability performance. ...The Calculator is an easy way to find out how your current land use, energy use, water use, greenhouse gas emissions, and soil loss compare with state and national averages.

R4D Research for Development
A research portal to the case studies, projects and publications of the UK’s Department for International Development. First time visitors might like to search by the theme ‘Sustainable Agriculture’.

Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture
Mission: To create value for resource-poor small farmers in developing countries through innovation in sustainable agriculture and the activation of value chains"

Farming First
Working together to empower farmers and put farming first.  Farming First calls on world leaders to apply its six interlinked imperatives in policy and practice ...


Endure The European Network for the Durable Exploitation of Crop Protection Strategies, the twin aims of which are to restructure European reasearch and development on the use of plant protection products; and to establish ENDURE as world leader in the development and implementation of sustainable pest control strategies.

CABI Crop Protection Compendium “A reference guide and tool for identifying and controlling pests for anyone involved in plant health management or education.” This links to the compendium.

and try this Getting Started link for guidance on using the compendium. 

Insecticide Resistance Action Committee A key role of the website is "the dissemination of information that will promote good IRM practices around the world. This is done through the generation of hard copy and electronic material that can be used by a wide audience." 

The IPM Institute of North America, Inc. A introduction to Integrated Pest Management.

Safe and effective use

Training the Operator to Prevent Point Source Pollution (TOPPS) Project providing Best Management Practices for professional agricultural PPPs users”.

AGBIOS is a Canadian company dedicated to providing regulatory and risk assessment expertise for products of biotechnology”.

Human Health Links

“Recognition and Management of Pesticide Poisonings” handbook from the Environmental Protection Agency USA

National Pesticide Information Center - A Website set up by Oregon State University

 “Sound management of pesticides and diagnosis and treatment of pesticide poisoning” (3287 Kb) training course from the WHO

Discussion and Debate

Pesticide Information (Pi) is funded by the European Crop Protection Association. The site aims to offer "a number of resources to learn more about pesticides and to better understand the arguments for and against them. [Pi] wish to inspire an educated, open and honest debate on the subject from all sides"