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Pesticides Application Technologies in China; Opportunities and Challenges Co-exist

Progress in the last 30 years: structures and systems

Government support for the development and use of crop protection machinery has increased. Universities, research organisations and manufacturers have collaborated to develop new technologies and machines e.g. automatic target sprayer, rice sprayer and the orchard tunnel sprayer. Structures and systems have also been designed to create and implement policy.

The Management Institution of Pesticide, Crop Protection Machinery, and application technology has been set up by the Ministry of Agriculutre and is the chief instrument of determining policy which is implemented by plant protection stations.

Policies regarding the production of pesticides take the form of guidelines and technical standards and relate to the:

  • Standard of pesticide production
  • Guidelines on pesticide field trial
  • Guidelines on pesticide environment safety test and evaluation
  • Guidelines on pesticide toxicity test
  • Guidelines on pesticide labelling
  • Rules of safety handling in  pesticide storage and transportation
  • Maximum residue limit of pesticides on food

Manufacturers of pesticides must have a

  • Production permit 
  • Provide data on safety/risk assessments and registration
  • Distribution license; and are subject to 
  • supervision and inspection regarding residue control; and 
  • subject to custom control for export & import.

Policies in Sprayer Management: The guidelines and technical standards related to the Sprayers are listed as follows:

  • Standard of sprayer
  • Guidelines on sprayer field trial
  • Guidelines on sprayer environment safety test and evaluation
  • Guidelines on sprayer Labeling

Manufacturers of spraying equipment must have a

  • Production permit 
  • Provide data 
  • Distribution licence;  
  • Application:  Guidance and supervision permit for special product; and are subject to 
  • custom control for export & import.

Such is the importance placed on pesticide safety that crop protection machinery is the only type of agricultural machinery which is required to undergo compulsory certification (CCC).

The PP Machinery and Chemicals Application Department (PPMCAD) within China is the administration authority and is responsible for the pesticide application & sprayers under the Ministry of Agriculture in China.

  • At the provincial level, there are 34+ 4 dir-cities
  • At the county level, 1800 administrative organizations, with more than 22,000 professional technicians for PPMCAD in the county

Acknowledgement and Reference

Adapted and presented here by kind permission of the Association of Applied Biologists

Xiongkui, H. (2010). The opportunity and challenge of pesticide application for agriculture and horticulture in China. Paper presented at the Aspects of Applied Biology 99, International Advances in Pesticide Application, Cambridge

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