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Safer Compression Sprayer Loading

Alexandre Gauthier and Cecile Henry, Exel GSA

Loading sprayers presents one of the greatest risks to the operator and the environment. As undiluted concentrated pesticide is being poured from its container into the sprayer, the consequence of accidents at this point could be severe. The risk of an accident is also likely to increase where sprayers are smaller and less stable and operators less practiced.

What can go wrong?
Spills, splashes, and using the wrong quantities of pesticides can all occur.

The industry addressed the problem by providing dedicated measures such as plastic beakers and these are acceptable but the measure should always be available, should be able to be cleaned separately and must never be used for any other purpose. All these demands may not always be met.

Dosing Cap (21Kb JPEG)
The 'Dosing Cap'.

In 2007, Exel GSA, introduced the ‘Dosing Cap’ to their compression sprayer range which is a tank cap with built in measures. The significance of the dosing cap to this site is that is an example of how a simple innovation can make a big difference to better pesticide use. Now, operators have a measure which is 

  • always available, 
  • is dedicated to this one use, 
  • is rinsed [whilst adding water to complete the mixing phase],
  • has multiple volumetric options [2 mls to 10 mls] to meet almost every measurement need [using single or multiple measures] and 
  • serves to contain splash when products are being poured out.

Critical to safety; Dosing Caps are unlikely to be used for any purpose other than that for which it is intended.
The cap and tank opening are wide [90 mm] to:

  • reduce spills and splashes during loading when the pesticide is being poured into the tank;
  • encourage sprayer hygiene as the tanks inner surfaces can be viewed for cleanliness and
  • enables hand access for easier replacement of spare parts.

Many compression sprayer Models in the Exel range [Berthoud, Tecnoma,] have these ‘Dosing caps’ and some also have built-in compartments for spare nozzles, filters and seals.