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Wanted! Easy Calibration tools and methods for Knapsack Sprayers.

The International Pesticide Application Research Consortium (IPARC) has shared with us their Do-it-yourself easy-calibrator method and challenge us to improve on it:

Can we calibrate easier and quicker using commonly available, inexpensive ‘bits and pieces’ that all operators can put together into a safe and effective DIY kit?

If you feel, you use or know of calibration methods that others might also find useful please get in touch and you could be the next holder of the prestigious [yet strangely value-less] title of:

IPARC Easy Calibrator Champion.

... which title will be held for an indeterminate period and until a better design is shared.

‘Calibration of  sprayers is absolutely critical to apply a pesticide in the safest and most effective way’ states Professor Matthews. ‘BUT, calibration is often seen as time demanding and often requires some extra equipment and skills’.

Your judges will be Emeritus Professor Graham Matthews and Mr Evan Thornhill of IPARC, one of the world’s most important pesticide spraying organisations. Both judges have worked for decades to improve spraying practices - especially those that use hand carried equipment such as the side lever knapsack sprayer. The much travelled Mr Thornhill states that ‘Many organisations recognise the hindrance to Best Knapsack Spraying Practices that poor calibration poses and make available calibration jugs, wheels and charts; support material – without which, operators would be even further discouraged - but we must do better’.

Testing of the calibrators will be deliberately carried out by the technically inexperienced so please make instructions extraordinarily clear!